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There is a couple ways to create sets here

  1. The ordinary way. You can search for artist or track you want to hear. Just enter a search term in the search box (in the top to the right) and press enter. Then you see a result and can click on a track and its added to you set.
  2. The http way. If you have know some blogs/sites that post music you love. You can enter the url to those in the search box and we look for tunes on that site.
    Click this link for an example :
  3. The twitter way. Do you trust your feeds taste? Sign in with your twitter account above. Then click the "twitter list" button. And you see a list of your twitterlists, or at least "Yout twitter timeline". Click a list and we start look for tunes. Click this link for an example : @tuneset/music
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some sort of playlist tool.